Katherine Cudney - Nature Artist and Portrait Painter

Artist's Statement

When people ask why I paint I tell them I'm just following my bliss. I've always taken an expressive approach to living so art making is a natural extension of that. My subject preference is grounded in my love of nature. I spend most of my time outdoors, exploring the natural world and its animal and human inhabitants. I love animal science and study both the wild and the domestic though I'm especially drawn to birds and horses. I'm also intrigued by the marvelous maps of the human spirit and enjoy studying people's journeys as expressed on their faces. Basically, I simply feel compelled to celebrate the living world by painting about it. Of course, there’s something rewarding about the painting process itself - it's the smell and feel of paint and the fascinating phenomenon of being “in the zone”, when creativity leads to hyper focus and time collapses.  

As a process, I will often explore life narratives as part of the preparation for art-making. I like the challenge of capturing artistically a certain trait or characteristic, a glimpse of spirit, a hint of a being’s story, or a moment in time that even a camera might miss.

People also ask what style I most identify with but I don't paint in a box. I would say I paint in whatever style moves me at the moment. When you have a look at my work, you will see a spectrum of styles and approaches. That is because I’m less interested in developing a signature "look" and more interested in how the paint looks on the substrate while I'm working. I'll leave it to someone else to put a label on that. Still, details matter to me - there’s specificity to everything in the natural world and I very often (but not always!) feel a need to paint the particulars. 

I hope you enjoy your visit to my virtual art studio/gallery. I’ll be trying to keep the site updated with new works and news about shows and more. If you have questions or comments, I’d enjoy hearing from you. I accept commissions on a limited basis each year so do inquire if you have a project you’d like to discuss.