July 1, 2022

Time has flown by! Don't we all feel that way from time to time? I was surprised to see I haven't updated the what's new page since December but I've been super busy and that's always good!

The long awaited show at the Arizona for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo lasted three months and I sold five pieces. The craziest part was I wasn't able to attend the opening because I was waiting for my pcr covid19 test results. I didn't receive the results in time to go up there with a clear conscience. The test was negative but it ended up taking six days to find that out.

I'm embarking on a new little venture. In August I will be opening up my own public access artist studio and showroom in the wonderful little town of Patagonia, Arizona. The studio will occupy a really neat little old authentic adobe dwelling. Lots of time and changes have happened since I closed my last space. I'm really eager to jump in with both feet again. Stay tuned for updates!

Three of my works  - Steely Vigilance, Still in Her Sights, and Gathering the Harem  - have been selected by Howland Studios Gallery in Phoenix for their June/July Nature exhibit. Fun! Here's a link https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ce6yxD3Jg2x/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

December 29 2021

Over the Christmas week, I closed on the sale of my house and moved out. Real Estate is so hot around here that I didn't even have to list it. A friend of mine snapped it up the minute she heard I was offering it for sale. Hallelujah for serendipity. Husband died and our son has flown from the nest so the place wasn't really a happy place for me anymore. I'm glad to move on and I look forward to a new chapter of my life.

I had an excellent Mountain Oyster Club experience this year. I had a work chosen for the show and on the preview night, I had a purchase offer. The next night, the official opening night, I had 5 FIVE people vying for the painting! I was over the moon! 

Speaking of new chapters, the show I've been preparing for for some time is finally upon us! My contribution to Art on the Wild Side - a twice-yearly art exhibition presented by Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/ Phoenix Zoo -  will finally launch with an artist reception on February 4th 2022 in the Savanna Gallery at the Phoenix Zoo.  I'm so excited to share these jury-selected works with you so do try to attend. I have a limited number of invitations I can share so if you follow my work and would like to come, send me an email and I'll ask for an invitation to be sent to you.  The show will hang until Memorial Day or thereabouts, I believe. All purchased works need to remain in the exhibit until the show ends. I'll provide a link to the event once they begin to promote it. 

Here are the 19 works chosen by the art committee for inclusion in the show:

Phoenix Zoo
"Aransas Whooper" Oil on Baltic Birch 12x12 
"Young Buck" Oil on Baltic Birch 12x12 


Phoenix Zoo
"Vermilion Treasure" Oil on Artefex aluminum panel 24x24 


Phoenix Zoo
"The Power Nap" Oil on stretched Belgian Linen 26x22 (framed size) 


Phoenix Zoo
"Still in Her Sights" Oil on Baltic Birch 12x12 


Phoenix Zoo
"Steely Vigilance" Oil on Baltic Birch 12x12 


Phoenix Zoo
"Sonoran Bachelor" Illustration board, matted and framed under glass 37x27 (framed size) 


Phoenix Zoo
"Shady Respite" Acrylic on stretched Belgian linen 20x17 (framed size) 


Phoenix Zoo
"Moonlight Sonata" Oil on stretched, textured canvas 44.5x32.5 (framed size) 


Phoenix Zoo
"Ever Watchful" Oil on mounted Belgian linen 16x19 (framed size) 


Phoenix Zoo
"El Lobo" Oil on Baltic birch 12x12 


Phoenix Zoo
"Downward Doggin'" Acrylic on stretched canvas 34x30 (framed size) 


Phoenix Zoo
"Life in the Canyon Wind" Oil on stretched canvas 28.5x22.5 (framed size) 


Phoenix Zoo
"A Study of Air Supremacy" Oil on Baltic Birch 12x12 
Phoenix Zoo
"After the Dance" Oil on mounted Belgian linen 18.25x10.25 (framed size)
Phoenix Zoo
"A Grand Wonder" Oil on stretched canvas 30x42 (framed size) 


Phoenix Zoo
"Diver's Repose" Oil on Baltic Birch 12x12
Phoenix Zoo
"And Then There Were Two" Oil on stretched Belgian linen 26x22 (framed size) 


Phoenix Zoo
"Gathering the Harem" Oil on mounted Belgian linen 22.25x12.25 (framed size) 


October 3 2021

If you're still visiting my humble little website, I thank you! It's been crazy twilight-zone stuff for too many months and I'm grateful every day that I can still count myself among the living! Covid has been relentless, politics are unnerving, economy is shifty and on and on. The blessing and challenge for the summer has been that we had an epic Monsoon Season here in Sonoita providing for much needed drought relief. The average rainfall for July at my little map pin is 3 or so inches. This year, for the month of July, we got around 24 inches! August and September were higher too so I've been dodging raindrops and keeping my kayak handy. Most importantly, my  home is now my art studio and I've been painting like a mad woman while at the same time putting the place and property in order so I can sell it and move on. Yes, I'll be leaving Dodge with no idea where I'll land but I have faith that it'll all work out for the best! 

Mountain Oyster Club

I painted and submitted three entries for this year's Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Western Art Show and Sale. If an artist is lucky, one piece is selected. If she's really lucky they choose two. Oftentimes, none of the works get in. That's just the way it goes. This is a very tough show to get into  - there's a reason they call it one of the most competitive, top 50 art show and sale events in the country every year. SO, needless to say, I am ELATED to share the news that one of my submissions was selected by the art jury for inclusion in the show this year! The painting chosen by the committee depicts a rancher driving a herd of cattle through a heavy snowfall, out of the danger of snowdrifts, where they can get safe access to food and water. I witnessed such a scene a few years ago while I was surveying the snowfall on my own property and was struck by the dedication and hours of hard work required to maintain cattle operations. I put it to memory, vowing to paint it someday and here's the result:

"A Will and a Way" 12x36, oil on mounted linen

MT Oyster Club

The Mountain Oyster Club (MOC) is preparing for its 52nd Annual Contemporary Western Art Show and Sale, which will be held on Sunday, November 21, 2021. You'll need a ticket to get in and attendance is limited so if you'd like to be there on opening night, or to submit an intent to purchase form, be sure to contact the Art Show Director, Alisha Taylor,  art@mountainoysterclub.com  Meanwhile - go to the MOC website and see the rest of the works included in this year's show.


Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo

The Lost Birds Project is on again for February, 2022! That means my back from brink component will hang as part of the Art on the Wild Side art exhibit in the Savanna Gallery. I expect to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 pieces selected for the show by the art committee. Once they make their selections, I will post a sneak peek here! I'm excited to be moving forward on this long awaited project It will be here before we know it!

February 9 2021

Hello there! I'll cut right to the chase. My show that was to have taken place at the Phoenix Zoo/ Arizona Center for Nature Conservation has been cancelled for the year. The main event, "The Lost Birds Project", will be unavailable due to Covid-19 concerns so we will all hang back 'til we can reschedule. We're now hoping the exhibition and gala weekend will take place in the Spring of 2022. We knew this might be the case so we just keep going with the flow 'til we get a safe handle on this pandemic. I plan to paint for other project submissions and will squirrel away the pieces I prepared for the endangered species show, 

December 30, 2020

Hi! I can see it's been a bit of time since I updated my What's New page. I have to admit I'm not really thrilled about having to maintain my own site - I did the whole deal for years back during the dot com boom but since then I just haven't kept up with the latest thingamajig technologies. I sometimes can't even remember how to get here to input updates! I love the Canada-based host and designer, Chix Design, for sure! and they definitely carry the weight of the thing. It just that when things are left up to me, the updates will be slow coming. 

Since my last update, we have trudged through a year of Covid-19. I've been through it myself and still battle some residual effects but consider myself fortunate to not have been too terribly ill. My son gets tested every now and then and shows antibodies for it but we can only speculate as to when he had it.

The worst of 2020 was that my husband died in July. He has been fighting serious medical challenges for years and his tired body just wore out. Hardest thing ever for my son and me. We feel lucky to have even been allowed to be with him during those final hours when for 5wks we weren't permitted to even enter the hospital. It has definitely been a surreal year - surreal few years, for that matter - but life goes on and we must go on with it and so we do.  And now I try to get back to the business of painting. It's been a slow process. Grief is sneaky and it can get messy.  Stay healthy and careful! See you in 2021!


May 23 2020

What a crazy time we live in. Covid-19 has the world on its toes and the USofA in lock-down as we try to "flatten the curve". There have been some cases down here in my tiny neck of the Southwest. The deep nasal swab is a less than pleasant experience but all is well. Happily we are loosening restrictions but the pandemic has changed so much for so many of us. And that's what I'm here to write about.

Since places have been shuttered, many events have been postponed, and my exhibit at the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo is no exception. As it stands now, my show will launch about 6 or 9 months later than expected. I will post more as I have firm dates. Meanwhile, even though I'd love to show you what I have prepared so far, I want to keep things under wraps for a while and let it be a nice surprise as we near the show. Stay tuned and stay healthy! We're gonna get through this!

February 5 2020

So here we are, roaring into the 20s! I can finally, officially share that I will be exhibiting a collection of works featuring five species of birds (California Condor, Brown Pelican, American Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Whooping Crane) that have been saved from the verge of extinction thanks to various agencies' diligent conservation efforts. I'll also create a few mammal artworks (Sonoran Pronghorn, North American Jaguar, Mexican Wolf) that are being carefully managed in an effort to prevent species loss. These works will be displayed for three months, beginning February 2021, to coincide with the "Lost Bird Project" installation which will be hosted by the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo for one year beginning in the Fall of this year.

It's such an honor to have been invited to participate in this important exhibition. All of my works will be for sale, with a portion of proceeds committed to the ACNC/Zoo as a contribution toward continuing their dedicated focus of advancing the stewardship and conservation of animals and their habitats on both a local and global scale. (read about how the Phoenix Zoo was instrumental in preventing the extinction of the magnificent Arabian Oryx by cooperatively implementing one of this country's first captive breeding programs!) I am excited to help shed light on the pressures our animal earth partners face while also helping to enrich the zoo's visitor experience by sharing my artistic interpretations of some of Arizona's amazing wildlife.

Lost Bird Project installation begins in September 2020. My art exhibit opens February 8th, 2021, with a reception on February 12, 2021. I'll be posting updates and sneak previews!

December 26, 2019

2020 is just around the corner. Can't believe the turn of the century was 20 years ago! Time is flying by.  I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and is looking forward to a productive new year filled with lots of good energy. I know I'm looking forward to kicking my art-making into high gear. After two of the toughest years of my whole life, I think I'm finally finding my equilibrium!

I am thrilled to report that I'm a proud member of the Society of Animal Artists! I was voted in at the Society's most recent board meeting held during their 59th Annual Art and the Animal member art show. The Society boasts an esteemed membership - some of the most highly acclaimed wildlife artists in the world - so I'm in pretty grand company. Now to strive to live up to the honor! 

I have two artworks exhibited at Global Arts Gallery in Patagonia. If you're in the neighborhood, do stop in and have a look. It's a terrific place with an eclectic mix of merchandise, personally selected by the owner during her globetrotting adventures. Her motto is  "Treasures from around the corner, around the world." 

October 6, 2019

I recently completed a painting of a pair of Harris's Hawks perched in a saguaro skeleton, their nest with nestlings cradled in the spines. I had intended it to be considered for the Mountain Oyster Club's annual Western Art Show and Sale, which was not to be, alas. I am happy to say it is being delivered to it's new owner this afternoon!

August 2, 2019

I know it's been a while since I've added any updates. I've had a few setbacks but am back on track! I finally finished the condor painting. It underwent a few metamorphoses until I finally arrived at a place where I felt satisfied with it. Such is the nature of the beast for me. I know some artists have a plan and stick with it from start to finish. I generally try to do that as well but sometimes the process is more fluid. Such was the case with the condor. Here it is, mostly completed. It is approximately 3 feet by 5 feet framed. I don't have a title for it yet.



April 25, 2019

I'm going to call this one finished. Sky Island Bachelor - Pronghorn Buck. 18x28 acrylic on illustration Board. 


Sky Island Bachelor - Pronghorn Buck

April 20, 2019

I've been working on paintings to include in a special show and sale for the Phoenix Zoo in early 2021. The California Condor is coming along so I took a break from it and began work on a Pronghorn buck I encountered on one of my grassland hikes last week. Still have a ways to go! I'll share the finished piece when it's done.

April 5 2019

As much as I tried to resist parting with Queen of All She Surveys, the Peregrine Falcon I painted for my phoenix Zoo exhibit, the interested party was very persistent and convinced me they simply had to  have it. SOLD! They were kind enough to allow the piece to participate in the planned Phoenix Zoo exhibition so it was a win-win for both of us!


March 31,2019

Flame Keeper, Dream Walker was sold yesterday! I admit it is really tough to part with most of my paintings, even though the goal is to share the art with folks and make a living while doing it. I'm happy it is going home with people who truly appreciate it.

The Phoenix Zoo and I are hatching a slightly different plan than the one we originally discussed, and I think it's even MORE exciting! Now, I will be creating works with a view towards supporting a special exhibit that the zoo will be hosting soon. I still can't provide details until the zoo gives me the green light but I can't wait to tell you all about it!  I'm currently working on a California Condor. (My Peregrine Falcon piece is the first of the works that will be in that exhibit. You can see it hanging on the wall in the photo below.)


California Condor painting
California Condor On the Easel


 March 14, 2019

The response to A Gathering of Ancients has been really wonderful.  So far, my alliance with FineArtAmerica.com for retail merchandise related to the painting has been a good one. 

I've followed up Gathering of Ancients with my next painting in the raven/petroglyph series with Between the Worlds. It's done on a 30x48 canvas which is gallery wrapped on heavy duty stretcher bars. I used an impasto approach on some of the work to heighten the rock face effect. The original will be available for sale and I'll also likely be offering prints if there's enough interest. Here's a snapshot:

Between the Worlds

February 28, 2019

Hello! For my maiden art print voyage, I have made A Gathering of Ancients (see image below) available as an open edition print at Fine Art America (https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/katherine-cudney.html) . I'm super excited to be entering the print market with such a reputable organization that offers quality and affordable art reproductions!  In addition to a variety of sizes, you may choose from canvas prints, framed prints, and fine art prints. Their mat and framing selections are pretty extensive too. Check it out! I'll be making other prints available soon. 

February 15, 2019

Hi! I've been super busy in the studio and would like to share some of my recently completed works as well as some that are in progress. I just finished a larger than usual (for me) painting called A Gathering of Ancients. It depicts three common ravens which have been regular visitors to my place in Arizona. I love ravens - they're so intelligent and have loads of personality. I also like to imagine they hold a lot of secrets about things they have seen in this world. I know they are depicted in petroglyphs and pictographs in the American Southwest and have special spiritual significance in Native American culture. I decided to paint the three of them together, along with a portion of a petroglyph gallery from some remote location in the desert, inserting the suggestion of a communicative element between Raven and Human.

A Gathering of Ancients - SOLD!


I also am nearly through with Flame Keeper, Dream Walker:

Flame Keeper Dream Walker
Flame Keeper, Dream Walker - SOLD!

Big Horn Sheep are amazingly sure-footed animals needing only two square inches upon which to plant a hoof, which makes them steady and impressive climbers. They have significance in indigenous cultures which are said to have used the massive ram horns to transport sacred ceremonial flames from location to location. They are also said to have special meaning when they appear in dreams. My personal connection with Big Horn sheep is that they remind me to remain steady and assertive in reaching my at times lofty goals. This painting is nearly completed - a few whiskers and other minor tweaks.  It is available for sale, framed or unframed. Inquire if interested! Image size is 18x28. Mixed media on illustration board

Last but not least of my latest pieces is Sky Island Mulies

I live in an eco-region of the American Southwest known as the place where Black Bear and Jaguar meet. It's part of the Madrean Archipelago, world renown for its biodiversity and commonly referred to as the Sky Islands. The Sky Islands contain some of the most rugged and remote lands in the southwest and are home to more than 7000 species of plants and animals, including over half of North America's bird species. In such a place it's difficult to deny the spectacular wonder of nature. According to Sky Island Alliance, you can start a day's hike in the desert through scrubland terrain typical of Central Mexico and end up ascending to high, mixed conifer forests characteristic of Canada. Along the way, you might encounter seas of grassland being grazed by a Mule Deer herd, or a single doe and her yearling. The original, 17x24 (unframed size) was done with mixed media on illustration board and is available. I will be offering this image as a print on Fine Art America soon. Inquire if interested.


January 6, 2019

Happy New Year! I've been invited to exhibit nature-themed works at the acclaimed Phoenix Zoo, which recently built the Savannah Grill around two magnificent, 19 feet tall, stained glass panels depicting Greater Kudu at a water hole. Twice a year, in Spring and Fall, three different Arizona artists will launch an exhibit of works which celebrate our natural world. The pieces will hang on the three walls flanking the magnificent art glass panels. Once I have several paintings completed, I will have more to tell you! This is my first: Peregrine Falcon - Queen of All She Surveys.